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Friendship, conversation, spending time in the Bible, and praying for one another are key components of the 60+ Needle's Eye small groups around Richmond.  If you are looking for community, this is where hundreds of marketplace people have found it.  Talk to us about women's groups, men's groups, or co-ed groups.  Here are just a few of the most popular groups:


Looking for Young Professional community?     Our large Young Professionals Ministry (for those in their 20s-30s) has multiple small groups that meet throughout the week.  Some are gender-specific and some are co-ed. 

Unemployed or looking for a career change?    You may have heard of our Career Transition Group.  This open group welcomes new members every Wednesday morning at 7am to encourage one another in the job search.  You will find people of all ages looking for all types of jobs. 

Own or lead a business?                                      Our Christian Presidents Groups, comprised of CEOs, presidents, and business owners, meet once a month to serve as a sounding board for each other as they grow in faith and direct their businesses.

Small Group Options  Career Transition, Christian Presidents, Men, Women, Co-Ed, Young Professional, Prime Professional, Retired

Moving out of the Young Professional time of life and into a place of more personal and professional influence?                                         The Prime Professionals Ministry is a co-ed group for those in their 30s-40s (currently on a brief hiatus).  

Retired or approaching retirement?                     The Second Half Ministry consists mostly of retired or soon-to-be retired men who encourage each other in their transition from success to significance.  They meet twice a month in locations around the city. 

Looking to connect with other believers on your lunch break?                                                             Try our new Lunchtime Small Groups near Willow Lawn and Innsbrook.

Interested in finding a small group that meets your schedule?
Contact Jordan Maroon, Director of Small Groups and Operations, at or 804.358.1283 for details.