Fiscal Year End Giving

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God is using your giving to impact our workplaces and our city for His name.

Thank you for your Kingdom building mindset and for being a part of the story God is writing for Needle’s Eye Ministries and Richmond’s marketplace people.

With your help and the Lord’s provision, Needle’s Eye Ministries offers experiences to help RVA’s marketplace people connect – to each other and to life-changing faith in Jesus. To continue to impact believers and non-believers in Richmond, we need to offer more small group leader training and content, bring in more speakers relating over multiple generations, equip more Christians to live out their faith in very practical ways as employers and employees, support and resource local churches in caring for their working members, and be more effective in getting the word out to people who've never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ or Needle’s Eye before but who may need what we are offering. All this requires more staff, more events, more teachings, more materials, all of which increase our budget.

As we approach the end of our fiscal year, we need your help!

Will you show how much God’s work through Needle’s Eye means to you by making a fiscal year-end gift today?

Fiscal Year 2019 Impact

Impact on non-Christians – reaching them right where they are with the gospel through personal testimonies of marketplace people.

Impact on marketplace people … who in turn impact businesses, workplaces, families, churches, communities, and the economy – through 54 small groups and numerous large and small events we offer biblical teachings, practical wisdom, and deep discipleship.

  • Ken Barnes Redeeming Capitalism conference with VA Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, Barry DuVal. Two follow-up discussion groups formed.

  • Ongoing small group outreach with 54 groups.

  • New Second Half Leadership outreach team and mentorship program development, serving more retirees as they seek to glorify God through deeper fellowship and implement methods to share wisdom with men from 20s–50s.

  • New women’s and men’s Christian Presidents Groups.

  • Young Professionals Mixer with more than 300 millennials in attendance, including many unchurched YPs.

  • Young Professionals Retreat with tremendous positive feedback, one attendee said: “I felt my questions and input were acknowledged and valued, that I was seen.”

  • Fall + Spring Speaker Series addressing critical workplace/real-life issues.

  • Special Events Committee created for greater outreach impact with NEM events.

  • SIR Market Survey to help NEM establish the most effective strategy for future outreach.

  • Journey Seven (James Lee and his team) hired to help NEM with videography and digital storytelling for outreach impact.

What’s ahead for the Fiscal Year 2020.

Evangelism training for all small groups leaders, equipping people to know how to share the gospel! This training series will also be available to anyone who is interested in learning how to talk about their faith in the midst of an increasingly divisive culture. Workshops and video training will be available.

In cooperation with church partners, creation of a city-wide database of marketplace Christians to facilitate prayer, encouragement, support, mentorship, and evangelism in workplaces all over Richmond.

Buddy has written a book on the history of Needle’s Eye and how God has used the ministry for 40+ years. Navigating the Needle’s Eye: Forty Years of Ministry to Business and Professional People will be released in August with multiple events, NEM community-wide and beyond.


VIEW the NEM Fiscal Year 2019 report. (Download PDF)



Every worker one co-worker away from life-changing faith in Christ.

We are very grateful to you for your prayerful consideration in making a fiscal year-end gift today, thank you!