1977 Legacy Circle:
The “1977 Legacy Circle” recognizes those visionaries who have made provisions for Needle’s Eye in their estate plans. Their thoughtful planning secures Needle’s Eye’s fiscal security and ensures a future of enduring vitality. The commitments of the “1977 Legacy Circle” constitute one of our most valuable assets. Events are held periodically to gather and honor these members.


There are many ways to support the mission and ministries of Needle’s Eye. While most gifts take the form of checks, online gifts, and securities, tangible personal property can also be given. Many gifts provide you with a tax savings, and some include an income stream to you or your beneficiaries. Some options include:

A bequest, while not surrendering immediate income or capital, can provide for the long term needs of Needle’s Eye while offering tax benefits which will minimize the ultimate cost to your heirs. A simple document can be added to your will that amends, rather than replaces, a previously executed will.

Transfer of Retirement Accounts:
By naming Needle’s Eye the recipient of your retirement plan, you can reduce or eliminate taxes while benefitting Needle’s Eye at the same time. In addition, brokerage accounts, certificates of deposit, and bank accounts may be transferred to Needle’s Eye as recipient.

Life-Income Gifts:
These gifts provide income for you or a beneficiary, a tax deduction for you, and a gift for Needle’s Eye, while allowing an immediate charitable deduction on your income tax and avoidance or deferral of the capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Life Insurance:
There are many ways to make a gift with life insurance, providing an income tax deduction on the present value, or claiming continuing tax deductions, among other options.

Please consult with your tax professional or contact:

Elizabeth Massie
Director of Annual Giving