Ken Barnes on "Redeeming Capitalism" - Sept 22

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Is capitalism redeemable?  Is capitalism worth redeeming?  How can we work against the excesses of capitalism to salvage the good? How can Christians help bring morality back into economics?

Last fall, more than 150 attendees from around Richmond joined us for a conference with Rev. Dr. Kenneth Barnes, an expert on faith, work and economics.  Dr. Barnes is returning this fall to speak from his exceptional new book "Redeeming Capitalism."  Paul S. Fiddes, director of Love in Religion Project at Regent's Park College in Oxford writes, "This remarkable and timely book by Kenneth Barnes is essential reading for all those who are disturbed by a moral vacuum at the heart of business or who want to know how the Christian faith can speak into our present financial crisis." 

Join us the morning of September 22nd, 2018 as we hear Dr. Barnes' teaching and discuss tangible steps each of us can take; optional book signing to follow.


More details and registration to come soon!


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