Averill Byrd's Career Transition Story


Coming to Richmond last year on a fiancé visa most definitely complicated the job search process for Averill Byrd. In the Philippines she was a speech writer in the Senate. She had a master’s degree. But here she struggled to get a job at any level!

“At some point you have to admit that you can be well equipped, but it’s God who opens the doors. If He wants to keep you in a holding pattern then it’s His business, and I was so sick of being told it was because I was doing something wrong.”

Averill found Needle’s Eye’s Career Transition Group – an open group for those in the job search, and for the first time she was encouraged.

“Here I was, a young girl, a foreigner, brown. I wasn’t sure if connecting would be hard, but everybody was just really open and talked about their own ups and downs in the job search. I didn’t feel judged. I always felt accepted there.”

Today Averill has a great job IN HER FIELD. She’s so thankful to those who donate to Needle’s Eye Ministries.

“Your gift to Needle’s Eye definitely goes to people who need help. Job searching is a time when people really need to be ministered to. Something I like about the organization is it’s sort of a niche where you can come into orbit with people who wouldn’t necessarily step into a church, and so that’s what you’re giving to – that kind of reach.”

Instead of an entitlement, Averill and her husband look at their income as a bonus from God. “Now that we have my salary we say, ‘Well what does God want to do with it? Let’s ask Him!'”

Will you ask the Lord if a bonus year-end gift towards life-changing outreaches through Needle’s Eye is where He would have you invest His money that He entrusts with YOU?!

You can give here: http://www.needleseye.org/become-a-partner/make-a-gift/

Jordan Maroon