CEOs Praying for Strangers on the Street

From Left: Wesley Mullins, Geoff Lawrence, Todd Peace, Howe Rice, Tim Ryan, (Dan Cooper not pictured)

From Left: Wesley Mullins, Geoff Lawrence, Todd Peace, Howe Rice, Tim Ryan, (Dan Cooper not pictured)

It’s not every day you find CEOs across Richmond getting together, and it’s ESPECIALLY not every day you see them get together to walk the streets of Richmond and pray for strangers, but that’s something that’s been on Christian Presidents Group member Howe Rice’s heart for some time.

“You know in Scripture where it talks about Jesus sending them out in twos… so I just kind of felt compelled to do that, to go out in pairs.  I shared it with these guys and they’re crazy enough to be like ‘Yeah, let’s do that!’  And so that’s what we did.”

Different pairs walked around the city, introduced themselves, and asked people if they’d like any prayer.  Some people said “no, thank you,” but some were very receptive.

“Howe started a conversation with a gentleman who appeared to be homeless.  He was open about the fact that he didn’t know what he believed.  He wasn’t sure if he believed in God.  Howe took time to walk him through some Scriptures, ask him what he believed.  We probably talked with him for about 15 minutes and really got down to the heart level,” said Tim Ryan.

Howe said, “Tim was great.  He would go right up to people and say, ‘Hey, what can we pray for?  There’s no other agenda here.  We just want to pray for you.’ And I was honestly shocked at how many people said ‘Yeah, actually I’m struggling with this.  I would appreciate some prayer here.'”

At one point Tim and Howe were walking around praying to the Lord, asking Him, “Who should we talk to? Who do you want us to approach Lord?”  They came across a man who looked busy moving boxes, so they kept going.  Then Tim felt a tug to turn around.

“We went back to him,” Howe said, “and he had this really tough guy look and I think that’s why I kept walking, but Tim felt the Spirit pulling us back to him and as soon as Tim said ‘we just want to pray for you’ he started smiling.  You could just feel the burden lifted from him.”

This Christian Presidents Group knows Christianity in America can be a comfortable life.  Geoff Lawrence said, “One of the comments Howe made 11 years ago when this group started was he just wants to end the race bloody, beaten, and sliding in front of Christ, like sliding into the gates and running hard, not worried about how it looks, what people around him are doing, but being so focused on it that you’re running as hard as you can run.  And it’s like that runner’s so focused on it that they’re diving for that line.  And so that comes out of uncomfortable situations.  That doesn’t come out of comfort.  You can’t sit on your couch and show Christ’s love.  That’s what he’s spurring us on to do, to step out of our comfort zone, because Christ is in the uncomfortable situations.”

If you know a Christian President looking for other presidents or CEOs serious about being the hands and feet of Christ then be sure to tell them about our Christian Presidents Groups.

Jordan Maroon