A Liturgy for One Who is Employed

O Christ who supplies my every need,
I praise You for all provisions
and for the means by which they are provided.
For my current employment,
in this season of life, I give You thanks.
By it, may I meet my own needs,
and contribute to the needs of others.

Let me work and serve in this position
with mindfulness, creativity, and kindness,
   loving You well by loving
   all whom I encounter here. 

Jesus, be everpresent as mediator
between me and my employer,
between me and my supervisors and co-workers,
and in all my dealings with others in this work,
reminding me that my treatment of them
is the strongest evidence of my affection for You.

Grant me therefore the patience
to listen to others,
the humility to learn from them,
the compassion to consider their needs as my own,
and the grace to wear well in this place
the name of my Lord,
remembering that I arrive here each day
as an emissary of Your Kingdom. 

Let me be an asset
to my employer and superiors,
working for their flourishing
without resentment. 

Let me be a support
to my peers,
contributing to their advancement
without jealousy. 

Let me be an encouragement
to any I train or lead,
affirming and equipping them
without disdain.

May the days of my employment here
be meaningful.  Use this chapter in my life
to accomplish Your ends,
whatever they may be.

May my presence here
daily suggest
Your presence here. 

And may the outworking of the gospel
be always evident in this my work,
that my service as an employee
might be ever reckoned and received
as service first rendered unto You, O Christ. 



From Every Moment Holy
Written by Doug McKelvey
Published by Rabbit Room Press
©2017 Douglas McKelvey
Reprinted with permission

Jordan Maroon
Join a Small Group This Summer!

Needle's Eye has more than 60 small groups all around Richmond and nearby suburbs and its a great time to join a group where you can find meaningful friendship, greater connection to God and His Word, encouragement and prayer.

Click on the links below to see groups actively seeking new members who would love to welcome you. If you have further questions, contact our Director of Small Groups and Operations, Jordan Maroon, at jmaroon@needleseye.org.

Men's Groups

Women's Groups

Co-Ed Groups

Young Professionals Small Groups

Second Half Ministry for retired and soon-to-be retiring men

Career Transition Group

Jordan Maroon
Second Half Ministry Looking for New Members

Second Half is a men's ministry of Needle's Eye made up of seniors and retirees living in their "second half" after years of living out their first-half careers. Men don't usually share their lives with each other, but Second Half creates an atmosphere of camaraderie, trust, and understanding of each others' challenges, both physically and spiritually.  Through Christian books and video studies, our men share their faith and their challenges as followers of Jesus Christ. They are currently viewing the video/book series "If You Want To Walk On Water You Have To Get Out Of The Boat."  It is a unique and blessed ministry for men.

Second Half meets in four locations:

St. Giles Church8:30-10 am on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.  Contact Gordon Prior (hipriority7@gmail.com) for more details.

Covenant Woods9-10:30 am on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.  Contact Gordon Prior (hipriority7@gmail.com) for more details.

West End Assembly of God: 9-10:30 am on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.  Contact Tony Wilson (wilsontony540@gmail.com) for more details.

Urbanna, VA: 7:30-9 am on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.  Contact Bob Fitch (BobFitch11@gmail.com) for more details.



Jordan Maroon
Women's Groups Looking for New Members

This spring is a great time to join a group where you can find meaningful friendship, greater connection to God and His Word, encouragement and prayer.

Some of our women's groups are actively seeking new members and would love to welcome you!  Feel free to contact the leaders below or simply show up one week.

Tuesdays at lunch Downtown: Sallie Holmes and Rebecca Delano lead this women's group on Tuesdays from 1-1:50 pm downtown at the Bank of America Financial Center in the 1st floor cafe.  They do a great job of welcoming new ladies and are involved in a study of the Parables.

Thursday evenings in the Far West End: Cathy Tankersley and Pat Rossi co-lead this multi-generational women's group where it is safe to love and be loved; to know and be known as you rescue the girl in you.  The group meets from 7-8:30 pm near the Steward School (email one of the leaders for the exact address).  On January 31st, they are starting a study by John Bevere entitled “The Bait of Satan: Living Free from the Deadly Trap of Offense.”

Thursday evenings in Carytown: Debbie Bannister leads a 5:45-7 pm women's group at the Needle's Eye Ministries office.  This wonderful group of ladies is just coming out of a brief winter hiatus so now is a great time to join!

Jordan Maroon
Men's Small Groups Looking for New Members

This spring is a great time to join a group where you can find meaningful friendship, greater connection to God and His Word, encouragement and prayer.

Some of our men's groups are actively seeking new members and would love to welcome you!  Feel free to contact the leaders below or simply show up one week. 

Tuesday mornings on the Southside: Led by Bob Withers, this group meets weekly at 7:15 am at the Hampton Inn on Research Road. This great group of men is currently studying the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. If you are interested, contact Bob for more specifics.

Tuesday lunchtime in Carytown: Led by Fred Larmore, this group meets weekly from 12:15-1:15 pm at the Needle's Eye Ministries office.  They are a strong, authentic group of men currently studying Acts.

Wednesday mornings in Carytown: Led by John Williams, this group meets weekly from 7-8 am at the Needle's Eye Ministries office in the back conference room.  This group concentrates on Biblical teachings and devotionals on faith and life issues.

Thursday mornings on the West End: Led by Carl Judge, this group meets weekly from 7-8:15 am at the Tuckahoe Family YMCA (you don't have to be a member to attend) in the Club Room building behind the main building and adjacent to the rear parking lot and soccer field.  They are studying "The Gospel at Work" by Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert, a book that many of our small groups have found to be very helpful and insightful.

Friday mornings in Carytown: Led by Doug Rucker, this group meets weekly from 7-8:15 am at the Needle's Eye Ministries office.  They are studying Job and are a group of men who want to take their commitments and their faith seriously.

Jordan Maroon
Co-Ed Groups Looking for New Members

This spring is a great time to join a group where you can find meaningful friendship, greater connection to God and His Word, encouragement and prayer.

Some of our co-ed groups are actively seeking new members and would love to welcome you!  Feel free to contact the leaders below or simply show up one week.

Wednesday lunchtime in Midlothian: This group is led by John and Karin Williams and meets from 12-1 pm at Process Engineering Products.  They go deep into God's Word and are very prayerful and encouraging.

Thursday mornings in Richmond: Co-led by Ken Banks and Bradley Nott, this co-ed group meets from 7-8 am at IPC Technologies. They are currently studying the gospel of Mark and are a group of thoughtful, serious Christians.

Jordan Maroon
Matching Gift Challenge | May 15th through June 30th

Help us to finish the fiscal year well!  With our eyes fixed on Jesus, we have charted a fruitful year of life-impacting outreach.  But without a funding event this fiscal (July 2017 - June 2018) year, we face a shortfall to fiscally finish well the race marked for us. 

Our Board of Directors, along with a generous group of friends, have established a matching gift fund to persevere to meeting our budgeted needs.  This $30,000 fund will match, dollar for dollar, all first-time and increased gifts made through June 30th. 

  • A first-time gift of $50 will be matched by an additional $50.

  • An increased gift of $100 over last year's $250 will be matched by an additional $100 

Needle's Eye Ministries functions when your prayer-filled financial gifts equip and join with daily service by the staff and over 100 volunteers.  This is where faith and work intersect!  We thank you for your partnership! 

Take the challenge! 

Jordan Maroon
Ken Barnes on "Redeeming Capitalism" - Sept 22
Copy of Barnes is back (1).jpg

Is capitalism redeemable?  Is capitalism worth redeeming?  How can we work against the excesses of capitalism to salvage the good? How can Christians help bring morality back into economics?

Last fall, more than 150 attendees from around Richmond joined us for a conference with Rev. Dr. Kenneth Barnes, an expert on faith, work and economics.  Dr. Barnes is returning this fall to speak from his exceptional new book "Redeeming Capitalism."  Paul S. Fiddes, director of Love in Religion Project at Regent's Park College in Oxford writes, "This remarkable and timely book by Kenneth Barnes is essential reading for all those who are disturbed by a moral vacuum at the heart of business or who want to know how the Christian faith can speak into our present financial crisis." 

Join us the morning of September 22nd, 2018 as we hear Dr. Barnes' teaching and discuss tangible steps each of us can take; optional book signing to follow.


More details and registration to come soon!


Jordan MaroonKen Barnes
Men's Mentoring | Butch Joyce
Butch Joyce.jpg

When Butch Joyce was 40, he and his wife Judy moved their family and business (Joyce Engineering) to Richmond, Virginia.  A new believer, Judy was adamant about finding a Bible-believing church, and she quickly signed up for an evangelism course.  One night, Judy was sharing what she learned with Butch. 

"She had kind of been practicing on me.  I was her guinea pig, haha.  I said, 'You know, I don't think I've ever done that.  I've never prayed to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.'  And so we did.  And it was pretty cool actually." 


Butch began devouring the Bible.  "I was very interested in learning what a businessman who was a Christian looked like, talked like, decided like."  Not long afterwards a speaker came to their church named Buddy Childress, Needle's Eye Ministries' Executive Director.  It was God's perfect timing. 

Buddy connected Butch to a Needle's Eye Christian Presidents Group where he could be supported and learn from other business owners and CEOs looking to lead like Jesus.  Today Butch mentors other Christian men, and he will be an official mentor in Needle's Eye Ministries' new mentoring program launching this spring.

Jordan Maroon
The Cabell Childress Group is Hiring a Listing Specialist!
Childress Group 2018.jpg

Job Summary:

Work with one of the top Real Estate teams in the Richmond area as the listing specialist. We are seeking someone who works with a sense of urgency, extreme detail, can meet deadlines, multitask and take initiative. We sell over 250 homes a year and have a fun, but busy office environment and carry anywhere from 20-40 active listings at any given time.

Job Duties:

  • Organize listing leads and help schedule listing appointments

  • Prepare CMA and other information before listing appointment

  • Prepare listing paperwork for clients to sign

  • Schedule pictures with photographer

  • Take detailed notes and measurements of homes

  • Prepare MLS input form

  • Handle all marketing of active listings: Flyers (Just Listed, Price Reduced, etc), Direct Mail, Social Media, Open Houses, Networking

  • Coordinate sign and lockbox installation and removal

  • Follow up with showing agents for feedback and communicate to sellers

  • Call sellers once a week with updates

  • Provide timely response to emails and calls from clients and vendors

    Job Responsibilities:

  • Must be able to work in a fast paced environment

  • Must be able to multitask and have a quick memory

  • Must be able to hit deadlines reliably and consistently

  • Must have strong communication skills, both verbally and written

  • Must be able to work at quick pace

  • Must be able to deliver a high level of customer service

  • Must be able to work independently as well as on a team

  • Must be able to take initiative and perform tasks without being told

  • Must be able to anticipate what is next and be a step ahead of our clients


    This is a salaried, office position. Some after hours and weekend work required. Prior real estate experience and active real estate license strongly preferred, but not required. Please send cover letter and resume to amanda@cabellchildress.com

Jordan Maroon
Mentoring Program

We are launching new mentoring groups all year long!

Why mentoring?

All of us want to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually, but life is full of challenges we feel ill-equipped to handle alone.  Wise decision-making and good friends can help, but often what we need is someone older and wiser who has been through our circumstance.

Throughout the Bible, we see examples of older believers mentoring (discipling) younger believers and essentially saying, as Paul did, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1).  As we try to grow as Christ-followers, we are exhorted to seek out the wisdom and life-experience of our elders.  Needle’s Eye Ministries is fortunate to have a huge pool of potential mentors who can attest to the faithfulness of God through every life circumstance.  We want to connect YOU to a great mentor!

How will this work?

Through short-term book studies (around 6 meetings) a few young professionals will be grouped with two mentors (all the same gender).  Between meetings you will read sections from one of the top books on maturing as a man/woman of God.  Your mentors will listen to your response to the content, ask questions, and share about their own experiences.  That’s it.  Simple, short-term, but rich.  If you feel a connection with one of the mentors when the group concludes, you can approach them about potentially continuing to meet.

How do I get involved?

Because there is limited space in each mentoring group, we want to make sure everyone is seriously committed.  The mentors are picking the times and locations that work for them.  We will continually publicize new groups, so don't worry if one does not fit your schedule.

If you are interested in participating in a mentoring group, fill out the form below for our Small Group Coordinator Jordan Maroon.  Doing so will get you into the pool for all future mentoring groups.

If you are interested in being a mentor, email Jordan (jmaroon@needleseye.org) for more information.

Name *
Jordan MaroonMentoring
Welcome Karen Cunningham to the Needle's Eye team!
IMG_2051, edited.jpg

Karen Cunningham is a native of San Diego, California but spent most of her formative years in the New Orleans, Louisiana area.  She is a graduate from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, where she majored in communications and marketing.

Karen has varied marketplace experience including, but not limited to insurance, human resources, and operations.  Her most treasured responsibility, however, has been to take care of her five children - Joshua, Nathaniel, Jacob, Meg, and Asher (as well as Dave, her husband)!

Karen is amazed at the way God orchestrated her joining the team at Needle’s Eye.  His timing, details, and synchronization were perfect and confirmed that Needle's Eye Ministries is the place where God would have her serve as Office Manager.  She is excited to see God working in and through Needle’s Eye and is looking forward to what God has in store for this ministry.

To welcome Karen to the team, you can email kcunningham@needleseye.org.

Jordan Maroon
Averill Byrd's Career Transition Story

Coming to Richmond last year on a fiancé visa most definitely complicated the job search process for Averill Byrd. In the Philippines she was a speech writer in the Senate. She had a master’s degree. But here she struggled to get a job at any level!

“At some point you have to admit that you can be well equipped, but it’s God who opens the doors. If He wants to keep you in a holding pattern then it’s His business, and I was so sick of being told it was because I was doing something wrong.”

Averill found Needle’s Eye’s Career Transition Group – an open group for those in the job search, and for the first time she was encouraged.

“Here I was, a young girl, a foreigner, brown. I wasn’t sure if connecting would be hard, but everybody was just really open and talked about their own ups and downs in the job search. I didn’t feel judged. I always felt accepted there.”

Today Averill has a great job IN HER FIELD. She’s so thankful to those who donate to Needle’s Eye Ministries.

“Your gift to Needle’s Eye definitely goes to people who need help. Job searching is a time when people really need to be ministered to. Something I like about the organization is it’s sort of a niche where you can come into orbit with people who wouldn’t necessarily step into a church, and so that’s what you’re giving to – that kind of reach.”

Instead of an entitlement, Averill and her husband look at their income as a bonus from God. “Now that we have my salary we say, ‘Well what does God want to do with it? Let’s ask Him!'”

Will you ask the Lord if a bonus year-end gift towards life-changing outreaches through Needle’s Eye is where He would have you invest His money that He entrusts with YOU?!

You can give here: http://www.needleseye.org/become-a-partner/make-a-gift/

Jordan Maroon
Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral Hiring a Part-Time Cathedral Secretary

This position reports to the Dean of the Cathedral, provides administrative and secretarial support, and assists the Cathedral Dean and Parish Council in carrying out the tasks and obligations of the Cathedral.   

The position description includes:

  • Part time, 25 – 30 hours per week, flexible hours Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Answer and screen phone calls, greet visitors and parishioners, process incoming/outgoing mail.
  • Assist with managing appointments for Cathedral Dean, maintain Cathedral calendar.
  • Database and recordkeeping: maintain current Cathedral membership and mailing database; manage weekly volunteer positions in support of Cathedral services, events and activities; maintain a current list of parishioners home bound or in health/support communities.
  • Record vital Parish records such as Baptisms, Weddings, etc.; prepare related applications, certificates and correspondence.
  • Assist and prepare correspondence for Cathedral Dean.
  • Maintain all documents of official cathedral meetings, assist Cathedral Dean and Parish Council in coordinating and communicating meeting information and documents.
  • Layout and prepare weekly and special occasion bulletins.
  • Layout and prepare monthly newsletters, and deliver to Sandstone Post Office for mailing.
  • Administer use of the security system.
  • Provide Notary Public services for Cathedral staff and parishioners.
  • Assist with special projects and events.
  • Maintain highest level of confidentiality.

Qualifications and skills requirement:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong record keeping and organizational skills.
  • Strong computer skills and experience in Microsoft Office, church database software, publishing software, and Adobe InDesign preferred; assist with maintaining cathedral website.
  • Strong skills in the use of standard office tools (copy machine, typewriter, postage machine, etc.).
  • Ability to work with and support of individuals and ministry teams.


Hourly commensurate with experience

Part-time position without benefits

To apply, please email your resume to Financial Secretary, Caroline Moses at: caroline@vagocathedral.org

Jordan Maroon
International Mission Board Hiring a Temporary/Substitute Classroom Assistant

Do you have experience working with children in an educational setting?

The International Mission Board, a nonprofit religious organization in Richmond, VA, is hiring temporary classroom assistants to help in training children of missionaries during orientation and debriefing programs in Rockville, VA!


Location: Rockville, VA
Rate: $11.32/hour
Dates: January 23rd, 2018 to March 9th, 2018
Hours: Mondays 7:30-3:30, Tuesdays-Fridays 8:30-3:30


Assist with various classroom activities which may include:
• bible activities
• cultural learning activities
• physical education
• music and art activities
• sharing information about missions and different people groups/cultures
• various other activities that help students as they grow in their walk with the Lord


• High school diploma or GED required
• Previous teaching experience in any setting from early education through high school required. (This can include public or private school setting, daycare, Sunday School, VBS, etc.)
• Overseas experience is a plus but not required.
• Must be flexible to work with various age groups as needed

Please apply online at: www.imb.org/us-jobs under Temporary / Substitute Classroom Assistants.

Jordan Maroon
Redeeming Capitalism: A Better Way Forward

An Exclusive Evening for Richmond Business Leaders and Decision Makers

September 21       6:00 Reception | 6:45 Dinner, Remarks, and Dialogue       The Jefferson Hotel

How can a redeemed understanding of capitalism lead to economic growth and human flourishing?

What can biblical covenants teach us about better employer-employee relationships?

How can spiritual capital energize organizational growth?

How does an emphasis on purposeful work increase employee engagement and allow all stakeholders to flourish?

Join Needle's Eye Ministries and Richmond business, government, municipal, and faith leaders for this invitation only event as Dr. Kenneth Barnes, an expert on faith, work and economics and the author of Redeeming Capitalism, and Barry DuVal, President and CEO of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, offer a better way forward for your business and our local and global economy.

Space is limited.  All attendees will receive a signed copy of Redeeming Capitalism.

The Needle's Eye community extends its most sincere gratitude to our generous sponsors and friends:

Gold Sponsors: Duff and Cox, Richard and Aggie Cullen, Brenda and David Matthews, and Spinnaker Consulting Group.

Silver Sponsors: Tom and Nancy Chewning, Dotted Line Collaborations, Estes Express Lines, and James River Wealth Advisors.

DLC logo_Main.png
Parking Lot Prayers, Hindus, & God’s Voice
Spring/Summer 2017 Young Professionals Workshop

Spring/Summer 2017 Young Professionals Workshop

“I’m a Christian. Is there any way I can pray for you?” is what Rachael Newmister asked the 80 year-old woman in the grocery store parking lot. The Lord had nudged her to pray for this woman, and sure enough, He knew what He was doing. The woman was going to celebrate July 4th with her family and all were mourning the loss of three grandchildren. The woman was about to cry, moved by God’s love for her in this tough time.

Rachael is the Executive Director of East End Pregnancy Center and participated in our Young Professionals Workshops that wrapped up last week. “When [the group discussed] the 6 Ms for Fruitful Living on the Frontline we talked about how these are some things you can use to evangelize in the workplace and it doesn’t always start with sharing.”

Rachael is seeing this play out with Hindu neighbors she is building relationships with.

“I talk about Jesus, but I haven’t been able to share the Gospel yet. I did give one girl her first Bible the other day, and I prayed with her and she said, ‘Wow! I felt the power of God in that. Can you teach me?’ It’s just neat. I think God gives us moments every day to show His glory to others.”

Sometimes God calls us to pray for a complete stranger in a parking lot. Sometimes He asks us to simply love our neighbors and wait. It’s the same in our workplaces. Needle’s Eye Ministries wants to equip you to hear His voice amidst deadlines and emails.  We do this through our many marketplace ministries, and November 17-19th we’re doing this by bringing one of the best conferences on faith & work Richmond has ever seen.

CEOs Praying for Strangers on the Street
From Left: Wesley Mullins, Geoff Lawrence, Todd Peace, Howe Rice, Tim Ryan, (Dan Cooper not pictured)

From Left: Wesley Mullins, Geoff Lawrence, Todd Peace, Howe Rice, Tim Ryan, (Dan Cooper not pictured)

It’s not every day you find CEOs across Richmond getting together, and it’s ESPECIALLY not every day you see them get together to walk the streets of Richmond and pray for strangers, but that’s something that’s been on Christian Presidents Group member Howe Rice’s heart for some time.

“You know in Scripture where it talks about Jesus sending them out in twos… so I just kind of felt compelled to do that, to go out in pairs.  I shared it with these guys and they’re crazy enough to be like ‘Yeah, let’s do that!’  And so that’s what we did.”

Different pairs walked around the city, introduced themselves, and asked people if they’d like any prayer.  Some people said “no, thank you,” but some were very receptive.

“Howe started a conversation with a gentleman who appeared to be homeless.  He was open about the fact that he didn’t know what he believed.  He wasn’t sure if he believed in God.  Howe took time to walk him through some Scriptures, ask him what he believed.  We probably talked with him for about 15 minutes and really got down to the heart level,” said Tim Ryan.

Howe said, “Tim was great.  He would go right up to people and say, ‘Hey, what can we pray for?  There’s no other agenda here.  We just want to pray for you.’ And I was honestly shocked at how many people said ‘Yeah, actually I’m struggling with this.  I would appreciate some prayer here.'”

At one point Tim and Howe were walking around praying to the Lord, asking Him, “Who should we talk to? Who do you want us to approach Lord?”  They came across a man who looked busy moving boxes, so they kept going.  Then Tim felt a tug to turn around.

“We went back to him,” Howe said, “and he had this really tough guy look and I think that’s why I kept walking, but Tim felt the Spirit pulling us back to him and as soon as Tim said ‘we just want to pray for you’ he started smiling.  You could just feel the burden lifted from him.”

This Christian Presidents Group knows Christianity in America can be a comfortable life.  Geoff Lawrence said, “One of the comments Howe made 11 years ago when this group started was he just wants to end the race bloody, beaten, and sliding in front of Christ, like sliding into the gates and running hard, not worried about how it looks, what people around him are doing, but being so focused on it that you’re running as hard as you can run.  And it’s like that runner’s so focused on it that they’re diving for that line.  And so that comes out of uncomfortable situations.  That doesn’t come out of comfort.  You can’t sit on your couch and show Christ’s love.  That’s what he’s spurring us on to do, to step out of our comfort zone, because Christ is in the uncomfortable situations.”

If you know a Christian President looking for other presidents or CEOs serious about being the hands and feet of Christ then be sure to tell them about our Christian Presidents Groups.

Jordan Maroon