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March 2017

The Gospel Is At Work, with Rahel Mekonnen
Whole-Life Discipleship, with Buddy Childress & Jordan Maroon
YP Retreat Speakers, with Sara & Dan Kennedy
Personal Highlights, with George Jamerson, Susan Horne
Family Legacy, with Rob Cox, Lauren Sweeney

December 2016

Committed Prayer at One Office Led to THIS!, with Lee Mitchell and Ralph Lewis
Second Half Ministry
5 Pillars: Servanthood, with Jordan Maroon, Small Group Coordinator
Prime Professionals
Young Professionals Ministry
Personal Highlights, with Renee Cobb, Mike Crosby
11 Lessons Learned Over 40 Years, with Buddy Childress, Executive Director
Board of Directors
Faith At Work 201

September 2016

Mark your calendars- Gospel at Work, Explore God, 5 Pillars, and Live 2 Lead!
Personal Highlights, with Graham Rees, Mike Flynn, Bob DeLille, Megan Wallace
Thankful, with Dave Fairchild
40th Anniversary Gala Recap

June 2016

Truth, with Aubrey Eicher and Buddy Childress, Executive Director
Young Professionals Retreat, with Scott Gwynn and Mia Gilliam
Small Groups, with Amy Stewart and Jordan Maroon, Small Group Coordinator
What Changes Generations?, with Litt Thompson
Christian Presidents Groups, with Michael Harlow

March 2016

Turning Success into Significance, with Getting Real speakers, Dois Rosser and Janice Allen
Meet the New Small Group Coordinator (Jordan Maroon), with Buddy Childress, Executive Director
Ministry News and Other New Staff
Responsive Giving, with Bob Fitch
Stories Wanted for the Upcoming 40th Anniversary
Spiritual Shots with David Singh, Pastor of Eternity Church & Director of Inspire International

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